9 Signs You Have a Failed Hip Implant

Asheville, North Carolina

Several hip replacement implants have been recalled in recent years due to increased risk of early failure and other serious complications. The two most high-profile hip implant recalls involved Stryker hip implants and DePuy hip implants. If you have suffered an injury due to the use of one of these defective implants during your hip replacement surgery, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your damages. There is an increasing number of hip replacement lawsuits occurring nationwide.

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Common Warning Signs of Failed Hip Implants

If you have recently undergone hip replacement surgery, you should contact your doctor to see if one of these recalled hip implants was used with your procedure. If you are unsure whether your hip implant has failed, be on the lookout for these common warning signs:

  • Pain in the hip – The amount of pain experienced varies from person to person and often impacts the lower back and groin as well.
  • Pain on the opposite side of the body – When your hip is not functioning properly, it may cause you to shift more weight to the opposite hip in order to compensate. This may lead to pain on the healthy side of your body.
  • Pain during weight-bearing activities – Activities that place extra weight on the hip can result in pain, a feeling of instability, and a loss of balance.
  • A limp – You may gradually develop a limp which will become more apparent as the condition of your hip worsens.
  • A feeling that something is just “not right” with your hip – This is particularly common when standing up or starting to walk.
  • Loss of flexibility – This may also be associated with stiffness in the hip.
  • Increased fatigue – This is often caused by your body trying to compensate for a poorly functioning hip implant.
  • Squeaky or creaky hip – While this is a common side effect of hip replacement surgery, it may be a sign that your implant has failed.
  • Swelling on the exterior of your hip implant – This is a common sign that the hip implant has deteriorated significantly.

Unfortunately, you may not experience any symptoms at all to warn you that there is a problem with your hip implant. Many people have no idea that they are walking around on a failed hip implant and often, doctors cannot determine that the implant is defective without performing surgery.

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